Juanita Jo

It helps to bring Juanita Jo closer to its clients in the interior of the country, mixing innovation with augmented reality to provide a unique shopping experience.

About the project 

Juanita Jo is a mobile application created to bring clients who do not have access to the physical stores, closer to the products of the brand.

Role: UI Designer

Responsibilities: Visual Design, Prototyping

Tools used: Figma, FlowMapp, After Effects

discovery phase

For this stage, the process was carried out by the consulting firm B Nice, who presented us with the following findings:

Key findings

● 2 out of 4 participants cannot imagine the actual dimensions of the products.

● 45% of the participants would return the product if they do not like the size.

● 65% of participants follow the account on social networks but have never made an online purchase.

Problem statement

Customers feel indecisive when making a purchase because they don’t know if the hand bag will fit their style and size preference.

Core features

Possibility to view several products at once.

Try products through augmented reality.

Shipment tracking.

User flow

Objective: Check shipment status.


Design elements

Open Sans


final design

Possibility to view several products at once.

Possibility to view several products at once.

Try products through augmented reality.

Try products through augmented reality.

Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking


On a technical level

For this project, as I mentioned at the end of the Seed App project, I used Figma instead of Sketch. The application gave me the possibility to access and send the prototype and application frames in a more efficient way, as well as I was able to learn new ways of animating the prototype to generate more fluid demonstrations for non-designer co-workers.

For the next projects that I undertake, I would like to be able to learn ways to prototype AR and VR functions. I believe that through these technologies we can generate memorable experiences for users.

On a personal level:

It was very interesting to have insight from the B Positive team at the initial stage of the project. Being able to learn and have a space for questions with a team focused entirely on the research area was very enriching.

The project did not continue due to budget cuts, but in the future, I would like to be able to carry out a usability test with potential clients of the brand to see how they interacted with the AR prototype as well as with the entire interface to be able to make corrections and improvements.