Hey Munique!

This is my quote for you!

Before we start

I know how busy you are trying to carry your new project forward, this is why I want us to have the clearest and most direct communication possible.

I organized the entire work process into a series of steps for you to have a better understanding of how we will work together.


I will send you an online brief.

Silvi, what is a Brief? It is a questionnaire that includes a series of questions that I need to know about Natuh Foods.


The most exciting part! We will focus 100% on your project, this is the phase of the creative process.

I will send you 3 main sticker options one week after your reply to the Brief.
You can choose only one and you will have up to 5 rounds of corrections (if necessary).

This quote includes

6 sticker designs

Free mockups during the process so that you can see the sticker placed on a product.

Graphic advice during the process.

Files ready for printing

TOTAL: $120 usd


No matter where you are,
I work remotely adapting to the needs of each client.

Let’s talk about payments

You must make the initial 50% payment of the service in order to start your project as soon as possible.

Once all the pieces have been completed, you need to make 50% of the remaining payment in order for me to send you the final project with all the final files needed for you to use it. 


Munique Quote

I am super happy to work with you!