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Before we start

I know how busy you are trying to carry your project or brand forward, this is why I want us to have the clearest and most direct communication possible.

I organized the entire work process into a series of steps for you to have a better understanding of how we will work together.


You must make the initial 50% payment of the service in order to start your project as soon as possible.

Once you have made the payment, I will send you an online brief.

Silvi, what is a Brief? It is a questionnaire that includes a series of questions that I need to know about your brand (Logo, preferences in color palette, brand name, style that you would like to use, post and stories information and content, among others).


The most exciting part! We will focus 100% on your project, this is the phase of the creative process.

2 options of profile picture

2 options of highlight covers

2 options of Lightroom Preset

24 post designed

10 stories designed

For you to choose from/make corrections

Every graphic piece that you choose will have up to 2 corrections (if necessary).


Once all the pieces have been completed, you need to make 50% of the remaining payment in order for me to send you the final project with all the final files needed for you to use it.

No matter where you are,
I work remotely adapting to the needs of each client.

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I am super happy to work with you!